Sweet Creek, OR

It's been a while since I've last posted here on the blog.  It's been quite a busy time with only a couple chances to get out and take some shots.  Started a new job which is requiring a lot of overtime, earlier start time which all leads to early bed times as well.  School has been getting more difficult and requiring more studying time.  With all those excuses, I finally decided to take a day and go visit an area I haven't been to yet. 

The Sweet Creek area is just 25 minutes from Florence. It's very easy to get to with easy to travel trails, though it is not wheelchair friendly.  This area is just beautiful!  This time of year the colors are just barely starting to change into fall which added some nice contrast to the lush and vivid greens everywhere you looked.

One of the best parts about Sweet Creek is how many different waterfalls and little cascades of water there are in such a short stretch. From the first trail head (homestead trail head) to Sweet Creek Falls themselves is maybe 1.2 miles and gaining roughly 350 feet so it's an easy hike. Along this hike there are 11 waterfalls and numerous interesting rock beds.  Not to mention some of the old growth you see while walking through.

I want to go back when the fall colors are in full effect, and again when the water levels are higher to see how different things are.

Highly recommend checking this area out if you're looking for a leisurely hike in the beautiful nature of Oregon.


One cool thing I found that I never knew existed were location aware PDF's!  There is one provided by the Forest Service for this area which you can find by clicking here. Not that you'd need one for this particular area, but the ability to do this OFFLINE with no cell reception (does require a gps signal though) is pretty cool. There are links to install an app and download the proper pdf on the link above. It's easy to track where you are on the map, add pin points yourself etc.. Pretty neat and worth looking into for future excursions.

After all that text and reading, here are the pictures I came away with. Click on any picture to see the larger lightbox view and you can then use your arrow keys to scroll through them.

Let me know what you think and if you've ever been there. I'd love to see what you came away with as well. Drop a comment below!